Monday, February 26, 2007

On My Radar

Bunnies that don't multiply and can tell you the weather, traffic conditions, RSS headlines with radio and does most of this with a cute British accent. He's your personal companion and even has moods. Lovely. See what the Nabaztag bunny can do and its blog where I found this adorable image.
If earbuds in the ear do not say to the world "Don't bother me," then maybe these Emotibud Earbuds will.


Silver and metallics that are flashy, yet tasteful. I cannot afford ANY of these items, but they are oh-so-pretty.

First mention: the Fendi Crossword Grande Mirrored Bag. I hope it comes with a disclaimer to not use during the day. Some people need to be told. Next: the blast from the past with a glimmer of the future, a metallic McQ Distressed Leather Jacket to die for. Only in my dreams.
Lastly: Barbara Bui Platform Sandals that will make any feet shine, shine, shine. Just make sure the feet are worthy. Also, let's pray that there are no repeat offenders of wearing metallic from head-to-toe or it will hurt the eyes in more ways than one.
On a more affordable end and what I'll REALLY be buying.'s Simone Sandal and the Scottie Pump are my spring must have shoes.

I was flipping through a J.Crew catalog today at work and fell in serious love with this gorgeous cuff. How pretty is that?!